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HiDEC has operated a thin film processing center at the University of Arkansas’ Engineering Research Center (ENRC) for over 20 years. This well established laboratory, originally targeted to multi-chip module/deposit (MCM-D) processing has been used to conduct research projects that have been funded by, and performed for, companies in the electronic, biomedical, and aerospace industry. Projects have ranged from simple multichip module (MCM) designs to an entire technology development and reliability evaluation on various substrate mediums.

Laboratory Information

Primary Contact: Errol Porter
Secondary Contact: Tom Cannon
Location: HDEC-101


HiDEC’s thin film facility offers conventional thin film substrate manufacturing for multiple active die, covering low-speed digital, power, and high-frequency applications. While the typical base substrate used consists of single crystal silicon, we also offer hybrid glass/ceramic and laminate substrate processes.

HiDEC’s thin film facility occupies 4,000 sq. ft. of cleanroom (ISO 5 & 6) space that houses a complete thin-film, multi-layer fabrication facility. Electronic device integration solutions fabricated in this laboratory can be used for various applications, acting as crucial components in many advanced electronic products.

The thin film lab offers a unique opportunity for students engaged in research to learn thin-film processing while collaborating with industrial and government agencies. Full-time staff are available to assist students and faculty, enabling them to fully leverage lab capabilities. HiDEC offers assistance to industry by providing 24/7 fee-based access to center facilities and process training for their employees.