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Beckman Coulter DU 730 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

The Life Science version of Beckman Coulter’s spectrophotometer measures the number of photons absorbed after it passes through a sample in solution in the following configurations; fixed wavelength, wavelength scan, kinectics/time, single component analysis (SCA), protein assay analysis, nucleic acid analysis, dye incorporation (%) and DNA/Protein tools.

Cost: Standard rate


Wavelength range 190 to 1100 nm
Spectral bandwidth 5.0 nm
Lamp Deuterium (UV) and Tungsten (visible)
Wavelength accuracy +/- 1 nm
Modes Absorbance and Transmittance
Rigaku Miniflex XRD

The Rigaku Miniflex X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) System is used for material crystalline characterization. This system includes the following major components; generator: a. High frequency, b. Electronic display panel showing generator and detector electronics status, c. Interlocked radiation enclosure with X-Ray ON lamp. Goniometer: a. Vertical goniometer with coupled 0/20 drive, b. Measure range: at least from 0 to 150 degrees 20, c. Scanning speed: broad (e.g. 0.01 degrees 20 to 100 degrees 20), d. Standard sample stage for a wide range of standard sample holders. Slit Assembly and Detector: a. Continuously variable divergence slit provides exceptional low-angle performance.

Cost: Standard rate

Tube voltage 40 kV
Goniometer type Vertical
Maximum power 600 W
Receiving slit Fixed
Scattering slit Fixed
Tube current 15 mA
Radius 150mm
Minimum step width 0.005 degrees
Scanning range -3 to 145 degrees
Scanning speed 0.01 to 100 degrees/min
Divergence slit Fixed or variable
Accuracy +/-0.02 degrees