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The following are some of the more commonly requested policy items; for a complete copy of the HiDEC policy, please download the document using the link in the inset box on this page.

Acknowledgement and Co-Authorship

Co-authorship on publications for HiDEC-affiliated staff, faculty, students, and/or post-doctoral researchers may be considered appropriate when they have provided one or more of the following:

  • Significant intellectual contribution to the design of the published experiments;
  • Substantial practical contribution to the generation, analysis and/or interpretation of experimental data;
  • Indispensable technical support that contributed intellectually or scientifically to the advancement of the work.

HiDEC-affiliated personnel that have made an intellectual or technical contribution not justifying authorship as defined above should be given an appropriate acknowledgement in any resulting publications. This will enable us to demonstrate our involvement in the research of a large number of investigators, aiding the procurement of future equipment and funding. Please note that payment for the use of HiDEC facilities does not imply that individuals affiliated with the Center should not be recognized for their contributions!

In publications, use of HiDEC might be acknowledged as follows:

Example 1 (General acknowledgement): The authors would like to acknowledge use of the University of Arkansas High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC) in the completion of the work presented herein.

Example 2 (Staff acknowledgement): The authors would like to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. John Doe at the University of Arkansas High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC) in the completion of the work presented herein.

Facility Access

All HiDEC users must first receive “Right-to-Know” safety training before entering the laboratories. Users will be given card reader access on an as-needed basis to HiDEC laboratories after safety training is complete and the user has submitted a signed copy of the required form to the safety coordinator, Errol Porter.

As of August 2016, all existing and new laboratory users must also complete Hazardous Waste Generators’ Training and the quiz available on the University of Arkansas Environmental Health and Safety Website. Once the quiz has been passed for both “Hazardous Waste I” and “Hazardous Waste II” modules, the user should copy-and-paste their “Training History” to Errol Porter so that he can record their compliance. This requirement applies to all facility users.

Facility Hours

HiDEC facilities may be utilized during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F). Though not recommended, use after regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F) and during University-observed holidays requires users to follow the “buddy system.” A “buddy” is defined as another individual who has undergone the HiDEC orientation session and thus knows the appropriate procedures to take in the event of an emergency. It is the responsibility of each user to check and see if they are the last person in the area.

If a user’s departure from the lab would result in another lab user being left alone, the person intending to leave should give the last person fair notice of their intent to leave BEFORE they intend to do so, so that the other user has time to shutdown tools or complete their activity. Any user found in the cleanroom alone after hours will be banned from using the facility ever again. There are no second chances.

Instrument Scheduling

Many (but not all) tools found in HiDEC laboratories can be reserved; more information can be found on the Equipment Reservations page.

Data Policies

Users are responsible for their own data files. Data storage on HiDEC computers is discouraged. We recommend using your shared-drive or a portable hard drive to transfer data. The facility accepts no responsibility for data loss.

Internet Usage

Users of the UA wireless and wired computer networks are subject to the UA Code of Computing Practices.

Rates and Quotes

As of January 1st, 2018, the HiDEC laboratory rate is $60 / hr for academic users who have listed HiDEC as a research center unit in the combined credit split section in RazorGrant. All other academic projects will be charged an additional 20% or $72 / hr. Industrial/external users (including other academic institutions) will be charged $90 / hr. The previous monthly “caps” no longer apply. For more detailed information on rates, see the full version of the HiDEC policy

All HiDEC users are encouraged to contact a HiDEC staff member before starting their project to allow an evaluation of what will be needed to complete the effort. Any academic or industrial user can work with a HiDEC staff member to derive a quote for the anticipated cost of their lab usage for the purposes of inclusion in a funding proposal or other budget planning.

Tour Policy

Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the research in Center facilities and to avoid possible interference with equipment installation or facility repairs, all tours must be cleared and supervised by the Director or (in his absence) a HiDEC staff member. If at all possible, at least 24 hours of notice should be given before the scheduled event. Tours should be arranged with a HiDEC staff member or through the Director.